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Top Free Website Traffic Generator

Top Free Website Traffic Generator (SCO)

Purchase Traffic by the Millions

We deliver high-quality traffic to meet all of your needs. After the big numbers? No problem! We can provide you with millions of monthly visits.

Need conversions? Try our Premium traffic where we guarantee real, 100% human visitors straight to your website.

Free Geo-Targeting

Once you’ve signed up for a plan, you can choose where you want your traffic to come from. You have the ability to choose from broad regions of the world like North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Alternatively, by opting for our Ultimate Pro or Max Pro pricing plan, you can hone in on your audience, targeting specific cities.

Control Your Website Traffic

You are in control of all parameters of your website's traffic. From a low Bounce Rate to a high Return Rate, your opportunities are endless!

Choose your traffic sources. Whether you want social, organic, or direct traffic, all you have to do is choose your preferred Referrer settings and the system does the rest for you.

Add or remove URLs from your project at any time. All the changes appear in your Google Analytics within minutes.

Sitemap and RSS feed connection. Do you want traffic sent to new pages as they’re published? Connect us to your Sitemap or RSS feed, and we will automatically fetch all of your site’s URLs.


  👉 is another traffic generator. To receive free traffic to your website, there is no requirement to purchase any traffic nor require any other type of things.

It is all you have to do is mention on your blog post, and include the URL to and you will receive 10,000 people visiting your site within 30 days. Or, You can also buy specific traffic of your choice with 50,000 targeted visitors at just $126 per month.

How it works:

Step 1: Plan your campaign

Step 2: Pick number of visitors and duration

Step 3: Pick a category and a location

Step 4: Place your order

Step 5: Sit back and enjoy


You can be an active member of this website if you post a blog regularly and have a solid presence on social media. It’s a great option for those who own an enterprise or are involved in online sales or have a website and run a YouTube channel. It will provide you with free traffic to your website through Trafficape and will help you improve your search engine rankings as well as Alexa ranking, and help you get the most exposure. The links are kept sufficiently warm enough to ensure they remain relevant and assist in the growth of your followers.

To receive traffic to your blog or website via Traffic Ape. You need to be an active user of Traffic Ape. You can also upgrade to the Super Awesome pack for a reasonable cost of $29.99/Year or $3.99/Month.

Give page views to the TrafficApe community, and the community gives you views right back! Just add your URLs, click a button, and TrafficApe does the rest!

Don’t have minutes to spare? Don’t worry! You can automate your traffic views with the Chrome Extension and never worry about logging in to give views again.
  • •Receive free website traffic
  • •Improve search rankings
  • •Improve your Alexa rankings
  • •Gain exposure
  • •Keep your pages relevant
  • •Gain followers


The Vicious Cycle Of Organic CTR.

Organic CTR is considered one of the most important factors in search engine rankings by SEO authorities like Moz. It makes sense: Google wants to rank great content better, and great content gets clicks. But there’s a vicious cycle: it’s hard to get clicks if your page doesn’t rank well already.


 We can provide top-quality traffic for your needs. If you are looking for a huge quantity of traffic, Trafficbot will provide millions of visits per month. It also ensures that your site will convert and deliver authentic people to your website. After you’ve created your project, they’ll assist you in choosing a country’s traffic that you wish to get. Additionally, you will have the choice to choose South American, North American, European or Asian traffic
We've already been in this industry for more than 3 years and understand what you need. Our engineering team is using highly scalable cloud computing system to make sure we deliver the best to you.

Our only mission is to make sure our customers are happy with our services. We address our customer's question very quickly and consistently releasing new upgrades every few months to deliver the best.

Not only you'll get the premium quality services, but also our commitment to deliver the best to you. This includes quick email support within 24 hours. New feature release with no extra charges and more. 


10KHits is an exchanger which allows you to continuously surf and earn points without interruptions, frames breakers or pop-ups.

It has a useful feature called white level traffic. This allows you to change the source of your traffic from the default source to social, organic, or custom traffic for your website or blog.

It is a versatile program that comes with a dashboard that allows you to earn your first points as well as receive people to your site or blog immediately. Pricing – Starting at $29/Month and goes up to $10/Month.


  👉 is the another best Free Website Traffic Generator that you can join and add to your site for no cost and earn hundred bonus points. It is necessary to add some points to your website. Your visitors will be awarded points once they visite your website. Users of Traffup prefer sites that offer higher points. It is necessary to assign more points to get the highest number of visits and also display your website on the top of results. Your site will be visible until you are backed by points. You can earn points by visiting other websites or by referring your friends to Traffup.

1 Add Your Website
Sign up, add your website for free and get 0 bonus points.
Assign some points to your listing. Visitors earn these points from you when they visit your website.
2 Attract Visitors
Traffup users prefer to visit websites that offer more points.
Assign more points to receive more visitors and display your listing on top in search results.
3 Earn Points
Your website is visible as long as you've points in your account.
Earn free points by visiting other websites, following Twitter users, retweeting or referring your friends to 



 What is Torpedo?
Torpedo Traffic Generator (formerly knows as WAT) is a new generation website traffic generator application designed to bring your web site popular over the Internet. The tool will help you to generate traffic to your website from different location and increase your website’s visibility in SERPs within a short duration.

Social Media Traffic
Get traffic to your website from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more...

Search Engine Traffic
Get traffic to your website from Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and more...

Multi-location Traffic
Get traffic to your website from different location of the world...
The ultimate traffic bot that you'll ever need. Generate traffic with triggering page views or stress test your website for the upcoming threats. Millions of page views, website visits or requests for stress test can be generated within a single day.
Traffic Generator
This actor helps you to generate traffic into your website. If you want some pageviews or test your website with how much load it'll going to process, you are on the good spot.
The Traffic Generator supports the following features:
Generate Pageviews - The actor can generate pageview for Google on any of the target websites.Generate Stress and Load - The actor can generate stress on the target websites. It is good for testing purposes. Enable Crawling - The actor can be able to crawl the website to generate the traffic or stress over multiple pages. Kill Switch - The actor can kill itself and duplications after a certain time.
Duplicate the current run - The actor can duplicate itself to run on multiple instances. Basically it will parallelize the work and multiply the power of it.Bugs, fixes, updates and changelog This scraper is under active development. If you have any feature requests you can create an issue from


Bring new audiences to your website.
Unique shopping intent data and AI technology help you reach new prospects actively considering products and services like yours. With precise targeting and personalized ads, you can drive more qualified traffic to your site.

Massive opportunity pool
Get your brand in front of new, high quality audiences with a data set that includes a pool of 725m daily active users and a network and exclusive inventory.

Perfectly timed ads
Drive qualified traffic by delivering your message at the precise moment that someone is ready and willing to engage with you. Our AI technology evaluates 120+ cross device signals as shoppers browse to pinpoint high intent opportunities.

Deep in-market insights
Better understand what people want with unique commerce intent data that only Criteo can provide. We track 4B product SKUs and 3,500 product categories to build highly accurate in-market audiences.

Diverse, scalable creatives
Grab your audience’s attention with a variety of image and video creatives built to drive engagement and interactivity. Help new prospects understand your brand while discovering your products and services.