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Intel vs AMD: Which is Better Processor? Learn Intel vs AMD Comparison Chart!


Intel vs AMD: Which is Better Processor? Learn Intel vs AMD Comparison Chart!

When you want to buy a server or computer, could you select the most suitable processor for your device? If you have any trouble, this article may help you!

We all know there are Intel processors and AMD processors in the market. Most of the famous servers are using Intel Xeon processor, such as HPE servers, Dell servers. However, these servers will also install AMD processors. Both of Intel and AMD are popular but their processors can’t work in the same equipment. So we must select the right processor.

There are three main differences between Intel and AMD.

  1. Different Price

In terms of price, compared with the main frequency AMD and Intel, the former is only about half the price of the latter; for AMD, its most popular place is its good overclocking performance and low price. This is the root cause that AMD has the current processor market share.

  1. Overclocking performance is not the same

Most of AMD’s processor motherboards have fool overclocking software. Although they can’t push overclocking to the limit, they can also get overclocking addiction. From the perspective of overclocking, since all Intel processors are frequency-locked, they do not show much advantage in overclocking; although the CPU is locked in frequency multiplication, it can still be overclocked, but the range of overclocking is small.

  1. Different CPU

The main advantage of Intel is that it has strong single-core performance, strong stability and advanced technology. There is no doubt that, for example, the latest ladder diagram is also Intel’s CPU top machine;

At the current stage, for the x86 architecture, both AMD and Intel are roughly optimized to the limit. Turbo-boost is also available in AMD’s next-generation CPUs, while Hyper-Threading technology is also built into AMD’s next-generation CPUs, but for trademark reasons, AMD cannot call its technology Hyper-Threading.

Intel vs AMD Comparison Chart

There are also many models of Intel processors and AMD processors. Now here shares you a model comparison chart, which can help you compare these two brands and select the right model.

Which brand do you think is better? Leave your comments now!