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Python Install & Tutorial

Install Python

Step 1: Download the Python Installer binaries

  1. Open the official Python website in your web browser. Navigate to the Downloads tab for Windows.
  2. Choose the latest Python 3 release. In our example, we choose the latest Python 3.7.3 version.
  3. Click on the link to download Windows x86 executable installer if you are using a 32-bit installer. In case your Windows installation is a 64-bit system, then download Windows x86-64 executable installer.

    Step 2: Run the Executable Installer


Step 3: Add Python to environmental variables


Step 4: Verify the Python Installation

                   TO Download  = Click 


How to install python in pip Packet ?

The pip command has options for installing, upgrading and deleting packages, and can be run from the Windows command line

By default, pip installs packages located in the Python Package Index (PyPI), but can also install from other indexes.

 Step 1: Download PIP Before installing PIP, download the file. ...

Step 2: Installing PIP on Windows. To install PIP type in the following: python ...  


 Step 3: Verify Installation. ... 

Step 4: Add Pip to Windows Environment Variables. ...    

Step 5: Configuration

Using Pip Install >
Open CMD

EX :- pip install pandas
then you check your packet successfully install to check 
CMD > python
>>> import pandas 
Not show any error to your packet successfully install 
To check Particular packet data base dir (folder ) check 
>>> dir (Pandas)
Exit > ctrl +z
Any error to install packet to upgrade your pip data 
to type  CMD >
>pip install --upgrade pip
TO any packet uninstall 
>pip uninstall pandas


How To learn python language  
Car game  

help = '''Start - to Start the car
stop - to Stop the car
Quit - To exit '''
start = "to Start the car.. Ready to go !!"
stop = "to Stop the car "
quit = "To exit the car "
end = "I don't understand that...."
while  tryn < 3 :
    car = input(">")
    tryn += 0
    if car.lower() == "help" :
        print (help)
    elif car.lower() == "start" :
        print (start)
    elif car.lower() == "stop" :
        print (stop)
    elif car.lower() == "quit" :
        print (quit)
        print ("I don't understand that....")



Fiend tables value like Ex:  5 table all number filter to not show   num%11 == 0 (11 table vlaue not show)

for num in [20, 11, 9, 66, 4, 89, 44 , 5]:
    if num%11 == 0:


Your name & password Change to Sha Algorithm ?

a=input("Pleas Enter your password:")
b=input("Enter your code:")
import hashlib
hash_object =
print (hash_object.hexdigest())

 To Check your password first and second type password and Auto Create sha256 convert your password 
import uuid
import hashlib
def hash_password(password):
    # uuid is used to generate a random number
    salt = uuid.uuid4().hex
    return hashlib.sha256(salt.encode() + password.encode()).hexdigest() + ':' + salt
def check_password(hashed_password, user_password):
    password, salt = hashed_password.split(':')
    return password == hashlib.sha256(salt.encode() + user_password.encode()).hexdigest()
new_pass = input('Please enter a password: ')
hashed_password = hash_password(new_pass)
print('The string to store in the db is: ' + hashed_password)
old_pass = input('Now please enter the password again to check: ')
if check_password(hashed_password, old_pass):
    print('You entered the right password')
    print('I am sorry but the password does not match')


TO use your all name data to sap-rate to number to name  

a = ['Mary', 'had', 'a', 'little', 'lamb']
for i in range(len(a)):
    print (i, a[i])


To use your data in your comments & line in merge to use this 
like: %s = brand , last you identify to witch ans to add this line

brand = 'Apple'
mini = 'hello google'
exchangeRate = 1.235235245
message = 'The price of this %s laptop is %d USD and the %d exchange rate is %2.2f USD %s to 1 EUR' %(brand,1299, exchangeRate,252,mini)
print (message)


 To your lucky number is 9 to press 9 then you win otherwise you lost   

while  tryn < 3 :
    guess = int(input("input your number: "))
    tryn += 1
    if guess == lucky :
        print("you win")
    print("your lost")


Name = input ("what is your name ? ")
color = input ("what is your Favourite color? ")
print (Name + " like " + color)


# noinspection PyInterpreter
price = 10
rating = 4.9
name = 'pradhyuman ghodela'
is_published = False
print (price)
# this next time show


if is_credit :
    print("price of a house is $1M")
    print("They need to put down 10%")
else :
    print("They need to put down 20%")        


Weight =int(input("Weight :  "))
change =input("(l)bs or (k)g : ")

if change.upper() == "L" :
    pra = 2.20462 * Weight
    print (f"you are {pra} kilos")
elif change.upper() == "K" :
    pra = 2.20462 / Weight
    print (f"you are {pra} pounds")
else :
    print ("your typ not right")


Weight = input ('your weight : ')
kilograms = 1000 * int(Weight)
print (kilograms)


Name = "my name is pradhyuman"
print (Name [1:-1])

morthink= '''
           This is your name
  start    012345 >>      -2 -1    last to start
  input    like  
           print (name[0] )  to print only =T
           print (name[1])   to print only = h
           print (name[0:3]) to print only = Thi
           print (name[0:])  to print 0 to start last and print =This is your name
           print (name[:-1]) to print all sentence last to = This is your name


is_credit = False

if is_credit :
    print("They need to put down 10%")
else :
    print("They need to put down 20%")
print("price of a house is $1M")  


name=input('your name word count number= ')
if len(name) < 3:
     print("name must be at least 3 character")
elif len(name) > 50:
    print("name can be a maximum of 50 characters")
    print("name look good!")


message1 = '{0} is easier than {1}'.format('Python','Java')
message2 = '{1} is easier than {0}'.format('Python','Java')
message3 = '{:5.3f} and {:d}'.format(1123324.234234234, 12)
message4 = '{}'.format(1.234234234)
print (message1)
#You'll get 'Python is easier than Java'
print (message2)
#You'll get 'Java is easier than Python'
print (message3)
#You'll get ' 1.23 and 12'
#You do not need to indicate the positions of theparameters.
print (message4)
#You'll get 1.234234234. No formatting is done.



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