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6 Types of the Wireless Access Point


6 Types of the Wireless Access Point

Nowadays, WiFi-6 access points are more and more popular than before. According to the generations of WiFi, we have known there are WiFi 6 APs, WiFi 5 APs, etc., but do you know how many types the Wireless APs provide?

In this post, let’s discuss the types of APs.

  1. Divided by Applications: Commercial AP and Enterprise AP

Commercial AP: Suitable for commercial environments, such as hotels, guesthouses, KTVs, supermarkets, restaurants and other places, which require aesthetics and have many access users. We know there are Hospitality Access Points, which is designed for hotels, such as Aruba 500H Hospitality WiFi-6 Access Points .

Enterprise-level AP: It is suitable for use in large enterprises, companies and other places, and has high security requirements. Commercial APs can also be used in enterprises. Many manufacturers provide this kind of AP, like Cisco AP, Huawei AP, Aruba AP, Ruckus AP, etc.