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Full list of aws services

 Full list of aws services

    How many total AWS services are there?
 > AWS has over 200 fully featured services for a wide range of technologies, industries, and use cases.


1.   Athena— This analytics service allows perm SQL queries on your S3 bucket to find files.

2.   CloudSearch— You should use this AWS service to create a fully managed search engine for your website.

3.   ElasticSearch— It is similar to CloudSearch. However, it offers more features like application monitoring.


4.   Kinesis— This AWS analytics service helps you to stream and analyzing real-time data at massive scale.

5.   QuickSight— It is a business analytics tool. It helps you to create visualizations in a dashboard for data in Amazon Web Services. For example, S3, DynamoDB, etc.

6.   EMR (Elastic Map Reduce)— This AWS analytics service mainly used for big data processing like Spark, Splunk, Hadoop, etc


7.   Data Pipeline— Allows you to move data from one place to another. For example from DynamoDB to S3.


Management Services

1.   CloudWatch— Cloud watch helps you to monitor AWS environments like EC2, RDS instances, and CPU utilization. It also triggers alarms depends on various metrics.

2.   CloudFormation— It is a way of turning infrastructure into the cloud. You can use templates for providing a whole production environment in minutes.

3.   CloudTrail— It offers an easy method of auditing AWS resources. It helps you to log all changes.

4.   OpsWorks— The service allows you to automated Chef/Puppet deployments on AWS environment.

5.   Config— This AWS service monitors your environment. The tool sends alerts about changes when you break certain defined configurations.

6.   Service Catalog— This service helps large enterprises to authorize which services user will be used and which won’t.

7.   AWS Auto Scaling— The service allows you to automatically scale your resources up and down based on given CloudWatch metrics.

8.   Systems Manager— This AWS service allows you to group your resources. It allows you to identify issues and act on them.

9.   Managed Services— It offers management of your AWS infrastructure which allows you to focus on your applications.

Internet of Things

1.   IoT Core— It is a managed cloud AWS service. The service allows connected devices?like cars, light bulbs, sensor grids, to securely interact with cloud applications and other devices.

2.   IoT Device Management— It allows you to manage your IoT devices at any scale.

3.   IoT Analytics— This AWS IOT service is helpful to perform analysis on data collected by your IoT devices.

4.   Amazon FreeRTOS— This real-time operating system for microcontrollers helps you to connect IoT devices in the local server or into the cloud.

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Application Services

1.   Step Functions— It is a way of visualizing what’s going inside your application and what different microservices it is using.

2.   SWF (Simple Workflow Service)— The service helps you to coordinate both automated tasks and human-led tasks.

3.   SNS (Simple Notification Service)— You can use this service to send you notifications in the form of email and SMS based on given AWS services.

4.   SQS (Simple Queue Service)— Use this AWS service to decouple your applications. It is a pull-based service.

5.   Elastic Transcoder— This AWS service tool helps you to changes a video’s format and resolution to support various devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops of different resolutions.

Deployment and Management

1.   AWS CloudTrail: The services records AWS API calls and send backlog files to you.

2.   Amazon CloudWatch: The tools monitor AWS resources like Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS DB Instances. It also allows you to monitor custom metrics created by user’s applications and services.

3.   AWS CloudHSM: This AWS service helps you meet corporate, regulatory, and contractual, compliance requirements for maintaining data security by using the Hardware Security Module(HSM) appliances inside the AWS environment.

Developer Tools

1.   CodeStar— Codestar is a cloud-based service for creating, managing, and working with various software development projects on AWS.

2.   CodeCommit— It is AWS’s version control service which allows you to store your code and other assets privately in the cloud.

3.   CodeBuild— This Amazon developer service help you to automates the process of building and compiling your code.

4.   CodeDeploy— It is a way of deploying your code in EC2 instances automatically.

5.   CodePipeline— It helps you create a deployment pipeline like testing, building, testing, authentication, deployment on development and production environments.

6.   Cloud9— It is an Integrated Development Environment for writing, running, and debugging code in the cloud.