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Amazon linux machine install in vmware

 👉Amazon Linux Machine Install in Vmware 

It supports the latest EC2 instance type features and includes packages that enable easy integration with AWS. Amazon Web Services provides ongoing security and maintenance updates to all instances running the Amazon Linux AMI. The Amazon Linux AMI is provided at no additional charge to Amazon EC2 users.

 Download Amazon Linux 2 For Your Hypervisor Platform

All virtual platforms os in Download click

You Download Vmware workstation OS : Download Click 

Those links above contain the latest OS releases of Amazon Linux.

First Download     Hyper-v OS install

Name: Amazon AMI Linux 2
Type: Linux
Version: Other Linux (64-bit)

2. Open Vmware and Open a virtual machine 

3. Next select your download disk to use vmware 
4. select and open button click and run machine 

5. To start your linux machine 

6. Next you need user name and password so crack password 

By default Amazon Linux has these users,

·         Start your Amazon AMI Linux virtual machine and while at the grub menu press which stands for edit at the grub prompt.><> How to create a Virtual disk step by step

·         Look at the line below that ro and change it with
rw init=/sysroot/bin/sh look at the picture below.

·         This is what I change it to

·         Press Control + x on your keyboard and give it some seconds to enter single mode, This is how it will look like

Okay, Now use the following command to change the root and user password.

:/# chroot /sysroot
:/# passwd root
:/# passwd ec2-user
:/# touch /.autorelabel
:/# exit
:/# reboot

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We’re done, You can now use the Amazon Linux 2 AMI on your machine, But there’s one more thing, you can’t SSH because PasswordAuthentication is disabled in the sshd_config by default.

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Look for PasswordAuthentication and change from no to yes, which will look like this.

PasswordAuthentication yes

Then save, After that just.

service sshd restart

YOU Download All Zip file download click to download

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  1. VMware Workstation cannot connect to the virtual machine. Make sure you have rights to run the program, access all directories the program uses, and access all directories for temporary files. Failed to connect pipe to virtual machine: The system cannot find the file specified.