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microsoft server 2016 VPN

 Microsoft server 2016 VPN

02 – Creating VPNUsers OU & User in Active Directory.

1 – Create a new OU – In the New Object – Organizational Unit dialog box, in the Name box, type VPNUsers, and then click OK.


2 – In the Active Directory Users and Computers console, expand, right-click VPNUsers OU, click New, and then click User.


3 – right-click user, Properties, Allow Access enabled for Remote Access to connect to your VPN Server. and Okay. (Please Refer to the Pictures)


– From the Roles lists select Remote Access and click on Next.

In next tab you need to select DirectAccess and VPN (RAS), Click Add Features in the popup window (Routing)

In this tab press Deploy VPN only.

Right click on your server and choose Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access. 

On the new wizard select Remote Access (dial-up or VPN) On the next page select VPN.

Here select network adapter that connects your server to the Internet.

(use WAN Interface ip Address)  

Here you can choose the method of distribution for IP addresses – via DHCP or manually. Select the second way. 

In popup window specify range of IP addresses, press OK, return to previous tab and click on Next.

(set pool dhcp to user 80.80.80....)