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System Center - Virtual Machine Manager(SCVMM)


System Center Virtual Machine Manager or SCVMM simplifies the administration, configuration, and management of Windows Server Hyper-V environments. It does this by bringing all the tools, management, and administration of Hyper-V hosts and clusters under a single management tool.

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  • What is Private Cloud SCVMM 

    Step by step configure

     Inside this article we will cover the installation of SCVMM in a cluster environment, let’s have a look on the required pre-requisites for installing SCVMM 2016.


    1. Create the following Service Accounts in to your AD:
    • DOMAIN\VMM-SVC (SCVMM Service Account)
    • DOMAIN\ SCVMM-AdminAction (SCVMM Service Account for Adding Hyper-V Hosts in SCVMM 2016)
    • DOMAIN\SCVMM-Admins (SCVMM Global Security Group)

    Note: Add DOMAIN\VMM-SVC, DOMAIN\ SCVMM-AdminAction and Domain Administrators to DOMAIN\SCVMM-Admins Security Group

    • Distributed Key Management for SCVMM:
      • In Active Directory

    Go to serve in Dashboard / Tool / ADSI Edit 

     Show this text  DC= pra DC = Com (Right click)

    New > Object / container


    ADD SCVMM USER Add Authentication EDIT Services Add

    Server in SCVMM User Add Another user

    1) Administrator     

    2) Domain Admin 

    3) Schema Admin

    4) Enterprise Admin

    2. SQL Server Instance (For installing SCVMM 2016)


    3. Run the following on SCVMM 2016 Servers to have an error free installation)

    • Windows Deployment KIT (adksetup.exe – Windows 10 version 1703)

    • Microsoft ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server (msodbcsql)
    • Microsoft Command Line Utilities 13 for SQL Server (
    1. Assuming you have two (2) VMs for deploying highly available SCVMM 2016.
      1. Install and Configure the Failover Cluster Manager in both the VMs on which you desire to install SCVMM prior running the setup.

     Then Install SCVMM System Center 2012 Software install 

     Complete  Install  Then create SCVMM Icon Create , start 

    SCVMM IN 4 Option 

    1)VMs And Services

    2) Febric

    3) Jobs

    4) settings 

    First in VMs And Services







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