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windows dual boot remove

 windows dual boot remove



1)open RUN (Windows key + R)  

type = msconfig 


2) Next open System configuration and click Boot opction                            


3) show All extra ios install (dual boot ) 

And select windows and Delete 



YOU ERROR (you see ios booting time but not show in  System configuration 

1) Open CMD AS Administrator 


 and see this windows boot loader show all

 2) Backup bcdedit (you safe first )

>bcdedit /import D:\bededitbackup.exe


you see like this (recoverysequence {00e23e12-0e75-11eb-8477-8d39023fd988}

copy text (right click and mark)(to suppress ENTER)

3) Remove ios 

>bcdedit /displayorder {guid valu}  /remove

like :

 >bcdedit /displayorder {00e23e12-0e75-11eb-8477-8d39023fd988} /remove


last see message successfully  ok  

REBOOT Your pc you see remove dual boot Option     



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