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Cloud || hyper-v movement || migration

 Cloud || hyper-v movement || migration



 1)First you  configuration ADDS Role install 


2)connect to both Server in domain(ADDS || 2ed server) and hyper-v 

Quick migration (Offline migration )(Export)

=> You power off machine (this COPY PAST )
NOTE:Both Server  win7 machine you change unique id  use both machine || otherwise mismatch machine  id

3)Create 2ed Server sharing Folder And access ADDS Server machine

4) Your server ADDS in hyper-v machine (WIN7)



Location =  2ed server sharing Folder 

And show your machine Export to 2ed server


 Then you 2ed serve in Import this machine 

This Server 2ed Server 



   Select Sharing Folder in (Export machine .VHD)

Then you See Win 7 = Next
You See Import 3 Type 

1)Register the virtual Machine-in-place 

Mins your machine same unique id same as no change 

2) Restore the virtual machine 

Mins Machine Restore new unique id set change 

3) copy the virtual machine 

Machine auto set  new unique id set

You Select store your machine in folder

See your win7 machine Migration 



 Type 2 

=> Live Migration (Shared migration )(MOVE)

(CUT PAST machine )

 First solve Error 







Then Start MOVE Machine   


Two type Move Type 

1) Move the virtual Machine 

Your machine All Data move to 2ed server  

2) Move the virtual machine's storage 

your machine only move || machine  data use ADDS server  


            3 type Move machine                     

                              you store machine location


This machine power on and user work in machine

Change server in current machine without off machine 





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