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Phone App and pc Software

Phone App and pc Software

App Name           = Use
Call Int                 =Change phone no to call any no to call

Fake Id                =any no to any no call

Silent Eye            =use phone CCTV to next phone in show video
Silent Eye Remote

Brave                   =phone in add,virus,tracker,etc not access antivirus secure

Find my Kids       =to install kids phone and kids all activity monitor and show location,voice,call,live voice, total hack phone

Remote Fingerprint unlock =phone to unlock PC for fingerprint to unlock

voice Access         = voice to access phone 12345  and use

Safe                       =Security open

Hide                      =use to any chat whats app,in,fb to not seen tikmark to use app :)

Life360                 =kids all time location details time to time show24*7

PAGE(paid apps gone free) =google play store in all paid app to free download

WiFi Ear               =use 1phone microphone and 2 is speaker to use WiFi and host port

Anti Theft Charging alarm  =to any friends your phone charging disconnect to phone in alarm

WiFi File Transfer = to use offline share data phone to laptop WiFi to host port

Computer software  = PDF to photo  = netcut for pc 



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