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MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate)

 MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) 

(MCSE(Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert)

 An MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) is someone who has passed exams about the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, related desktop systems, networking, and Microsoft's BackOffice server products.

Lab: Installing Windows Server 2012 Operating System..
Lab: Installing Windows client Operating System
Lab: Creating Local User Accounts
Lab: Converting Windows Server 2012 GUI to Core
Lab: Converting Windows Server 2012 Core to GUI
Lab: Installing Active Directory Domain Controller
Assigning IP Address .
Installing Active Directory Domain Services
Lab: Configuring Client (Windows 7)
Lab: Configuring Member server
Lab: Creating Domain User Accounts
Lab: Changing Default Password Policy
Lab: Enabling Account Lockout Policy
Unlocking the locked User Account Manually
Lab: Configuring Logon to and Logon hours permissions....
Lab: Changing Allow Logon Locally Policy
Lab: Security Level Permissions
Lab: Share Level Permissions
Lab: Adding Mapped Drives
Lab: Verifying Access Based Enumeration
Lab: Configuring Local Profiles
Lab: Configuring Home Folder
Lab: Installing and Configuring File server resource manager..
Installing FSRM
Configuring Quota Management using FSRM
Configuring File Screening Using FSRM
Configuring Storage Reports Management using FSRM
Lab: Creating an Organizational Unit (ou)
Lab: Delegating Control to a User.....
Lab: Creating Groups
Lab: Installing and configuring DISRIBUTED FILE SYSTEM
Installing Distributed File System (DFS)
Configuring Namespace In DFS
Configuring New Folder In Namespace ......
Lab: Installing Additional Domain Controller
Lab: Creating Child Domain .....
Lab: Creating New Domain Tree in Existing Forest
Lab: Applying Group Policy on Organizational Unit Level
Lab: Applying Group Policy on Domain Level
Lab: Applying Software Deployment Policy
Lab: Applying Folder Redirection using Group Policy
Lab: Active Directory Recycle Bin
Lab: Creating Active Directory Sites
Lab: Creating Active Directory Site-Links
Lab: Installing Read Only Domain Controller
Lab: Installing and Configuring DHCP Server
Installing DHCP Service
Creating a scope
Lab: Creating DHCP Reservations
Lab: DHCP Server Backup and Restore
Lab: Configuring DHCP Server Failover
Lab: Installing and Configuring Domain Naming System (DNS)..
Installing DNS Service
Creating Standard Primary - Forward Lookup Zone
Creating Host Records for the standard primary zone Creating an Allas record for the host record .....
Creating Standard Primary- Reverse Lookup Zone
Lab: Creating a Stub DNS zone
Lab: Creating Active Directory Integrated Primary DNS Zone.
Lab: Installing and Configuring Internet Information Services
Installing Internet Information Services -Web & FTP Server
Creating a Web Site
Adding the Default Document for the website
Enable Directory Browsing for the web site
DNS Configuration for the Website
Lab: Configuring redirection of Websites
Lab: Creating Virtual Directory
Lab: Changing the Web Site IP address or Port number
Lab: Creating Do not Isolate user FTP Site.
Lab: Installing and Configuring Windows Deployment Services..
Installing Windows Deployment Services
Configuring Windows Deployment Services
Adding Windows 2012 Boot Image to WDS Server
Adding Windows2012 Install Image to WDS Server
Lab: Installing and Configuring HYPER-V
Lab: Creating Virtual Machine on Hyper-V
Lab: Creating Fixed Size Virtual Hard Disk
Lab: Creating Dynamically Expanding Virtual Hard Disk
Lab: Creating Differencing Virtual Hard Disk
Lab: Configuring Virtual Networks
Lab: Configuring Hyper-V Replica
Lab: Installing and Configuring Routing
Assigning the IP Address to Configure Routing
Installing Routing Service on Router1 & Router2
Enabllng Routing on Routerl & Router2
Configuring Static Routes
Lab: Configuring Network Address Translation
Lab: Configuring DHCP Relay Agent.....
Lab: Configuring Remote Access Services (RAS) Configuring VPN Server..
Establishing VPN Connections
Lab: Configuring Remote Desktop Services
Creating a HTTPS Web Site
Accessing the HTTPS site from the Web Server
Accessing the HTTPS site from the Client Computer
Lab: Installing and configuring iSCSI target server
Configuring iSCSI Target Server
Configuring iSCSI Initiator
Lab: Creating Mirror Volume (RAID-1)
Lab: Creating Parity (RAID-5)
Lab: Failover Cluster
Assigning ISCSI Disks to Hosts
Lab: Configuring Windows Server Backup and Recovery
Installing Windows Server Backup
How to Backup
How to Backup Data using Windows Server Backup
How to Recover the Data from Backup File
Lab: Configuring Network Load Balancing
Lab: Installing Active Directory Certificate Services