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Red hat linux basic commands


Introduction command line frombasic
working with iles in linux
viewing and editing file in linux
types command in linux
wildcaeds and alias in linux

#cal      =shwo calendar
#cal -y     = all year calendar
#cal 2019   = year dat show spacify year and date

#cal 1 2022        =jan month 2020 shwo date
#cal -3            = All three month
#clear                =all clear treminal commands


# pwd       = print working directory  shwo courant directory
#ls         = show courant directory in files and directory (folder)
#cd         = change directory
#cd  ./Desktop            =relative path
#cd  /Desktop             =apslutpath

inode      :- All informaction

#ls -i               =inode number show
#ln original   shortcutfile               =create file shortcut hard link all file

use any file delete to other ile access ok

#ln -s   original shortcut1          =softlink shortcut link create man file delete

to all softlink file not use

#ln -s
#ln -s  ..  c         loop creat

#ls -l          =all permission list
#ls -a          = all show hidden file
#ls -t          = time base list show file
#ls -r          = alabatic reverse show file
#ls -R dir1     = show all receshive file show path
#ls -l -i
#ls -li
#ls -ali         = to us any type to command fire


File in linux
#touch b       =re use file this command to change time statment change
#touch filez    = create new file

#rmdir e        = directory remove mt dir only
#rm filename     =
#rm -R dir1       = all dir del
#rm -i file       = permissin to yes or no
#rm -Ri dir1      = yes or no all in dir permission
#rm -f  dir1      = forcefully delete
#rm -v            = witch hie delete show

#cp -i file1 file2 dir1      =copyboth file 1 or 2 in dir1
#mv file1 txt1
#mv visible .hide       = this file hide to first . to hide file

#mv abc.txt abc.pdf   = you change extance to not change file type same file open

img video not change file txt to pdf
#file linux           =extension show  img video  like

#mkdir 'my name'      =to create space directory name
#mkdir  my\ name      = to user \ to set name space set
#mkdir  my\ name\ pra   = name save   my name pra  sae this file name

#mkdir \$name           =create special character use
#mkdir \"mycate\"       = to name save "mycate" save this file
#mkdir \$\$dir          = $$dir
              \use special creatr

Shotcut key

ctrl + A       = first line
ctrl + E       = line last curse
ctrl + F    =forword one word carator
ctrl + B    =forword behind word

alt + F        = one word scape
alt + B        = one word behind

alt + U     =behind word case upercas
alt + L        =Lower case

ctrl + X    =cut word
ctrl + y    = past word
ctrl + U     = cut backword
ctrl + y    =past word

ctrl + L     =clear to cmd terminal

viewing and editing file in linux

#gedit  text           = open and edit
                       =  create new file and save

#nano text.txt

#history    =show all command show past

Delta        #ls -l
root dir in
#gedit .bashhistory    = shwo all all history shwo in file

#history 10     =last 10 commands show history
#history -c     = clear all history

#less commands
#less shortcuts            =search
#cat shortcuts txt1        = show both file in terminal
#tac txt1          =revers start file line 321 like

you use c or c++ loop and etc use in linux : pradhyuman
#for ((i=1;1<=1000;i++)); do echo $i >> thousand; done

this command to thousand file in create 1 to 1000 number

#head thousand        =starting 10 line show
#head -n 20         =show 20 line first

#tail thousand        =last to 10 line show
#tail -n 25 thousand    =last 25 line print to show

#wc thoudand      =show result
        = 1000    1000    2920    thousand
          line    word    bites    file name

#wc -l commands        =line count
#wc -w commands     =word count
#wc -c commands     =carator bits
#wc -L commands        = largest one file show bite count

#cal ; date ; mkdir file1          =you fire all commands in one line like this

this commands firest wrong commands to next commands work check one by one

cm1 && cm2 &&..........     =formula
#cal && date             =show both commands this commands firest wrong commands to

all commands not use

1 bin user/bin     user shall screep
shell builting commands
alias            shell scrpit              :pra

#type cd              shell builth  help only use
#ls --color=auto
#ls --color=no         = no clour file list show

#file /bin/bzdiff    -F
#type bzexe

#which date   =show path which path to run command
#which ls

#help  cd, type , cal

#man cp , mv , ls

#whatis cp ,mv      =informaction to commands : pradhyuman

wild cards is a symbol that represents one or more characters

 * ? = ?            *;
only crator

#cp * dir        =copy all file1 2 3 copy
#cp n*e dir      =first later n or last word e only this file copy
#cp file?.txt dir
       9?        =same copy

#cp f?L*.txt dir    =all file1 2 copy

#cp [abc]* dir       = all file to name star a,b,c all file copy
#cp [!abc]* dir      = this commands use to a,b,c other name file copy

#cp [1-9]* dir       = all number to stat 0 to 9 fill name copy
#cp [[:lower:]]* dir      = copy all lower case name to start copy
#cp [[:upper:]]* dir      = all file name start upper case to copy
#cp [[:digit:]]* dir      = all file in start nuber to copy
#cp [[:alpha:]]* dir      = any type of word lower ya upper both copy
#cp [[:alnum:]]* dir      = all file copy name number both

#type  (any name)  not find name to alias you creat

what is alias  ?
An alias is a (usually short) name that the shell translates into another (usually longer) name or command. Aliases allow you to define new commands by substituting a string for the first token of a simple command.

alias = you use any name to crate (type to check not use any ore place this word) then you use any big commands & big name to spcify to only perticuler word in store commands ya name : pradhyuman ghodela

sientex = alias (name="....")

#alias shortcut="cd Desktop; mkdir dir1; touch file1; date; cal"     = to store in shortcut name in store this all commands store
to user any time to user only
#shortcut                 =and word all command run

#alias open="gedit -/Desktop/word/file/todo/list"

to set auto go this dir only fire this commands and go thisdir


#rename file windows       =you change file name pradhyuman ghodela


#alias  = show all create alias in list
to save all alias in all time to edit file and use any time

root dir in #ls -a
to show all file hide and non hide

#gedit .bashrc

edit this file number line 91 94  change and set your alias commands save and use

to check your alias in save this file

to check all alias in this commands to use any time ok

========================best of luck =========================================


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